Robert White’s “Lamentations”

I have continued making old-style bass parts for myself to read early music. BREVE is now starting to work on the Lamentations (a 6) of Robert White (or Whyte), which is a quite long setting of much of the first chapter of the book of Lamentations. Not only is it a great opportunity to get used to reading old-style notation, but a great exercise in reading from baritone clef. I did not derive this part from a manuscript or early printing, but derived it from the score from which we are reading. Thankfully it had an initial suggestion of the clef and proportion by which to base this part.

Have a look!

At two pages, it is a lot less to carry around than the 24-page full choral score. The work takes eighteen minutes to perform typically. If you want to follow my bass part with a recording, this performance by the Nordic Voices is quite good:

We are aiming to perform this in period English Latin, which should give it quite a nice color.

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