The New Testament in the Shavian Alphabet

A large project I worked on last year was a complete transliteration of the New Testament into the Shavian alphabet. It began innocently enough with the desire to do a search and replace on it, but with the kind help of Ed Greville of, I was able to have a great head start into it. He ran a script that transliterated the majority of the words into Shavian. After I cleaned up the remaining words, I started to design ligatures that connected the Google Noto Sans Shavian font’s forms to each other.

The result is this PDF. Enjoy! There is also a version without ligatures, which is helpful for text-searching and seeing the shapes of words as they would appear online.

If you’re unfamiliar with Shavian, the key is available on its wiki page. It’s a great alternative to Roman letters for the English language, not carrying any of the baggage of etymology and compromise into its spelling system. Each sound of English just gets one letter. I highly encourage people to learn and use it.

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