Bass Solo from BWV 4

Here is a quick recording of a bass solo I did with the LSU Collegium last month. It is the bass aria from Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Christ lag in Todesbanden.” Enjoy!

Here is a line-by-line translation, from the Bach Cantatas Web Site.

Hier ist das rechte Osterlamm,
Here is the true Easter lamb
Davon Gott hat geboten,
that God has offered
Das ist hoch an des Kreuzes Stamm
which high on the trunk of the cross
In heißer Lieb gebraten,
is roasted in burning love,
Das Blut zeichnet unser Tür,
whose blood marks our doors,
Das hält der Glaub dem Tode für,
which faith holds in front of death,
Der Würger kann uns nicht mehr schaden.
the strangler can harm us no more

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