James Albert Wiggins’s Doxology

Score in PDF

This is a reharmonization of the Old Hundredth Doxology, made by an old friend who used to sit beside me in my church’s choir. The harmonies here are quite crunchy and fun. James Albert wrote several small tunes for organ, many of which were played (and one of which I sang) at his funeral back in 2009. Interesting fellow.

Rogers on Creativity

There would be no art, and there would be no science, if human beings had no desire to create. And if we had everything we ever needed or wanted, we would have no reason for creating anything. So, at the root of all art and all science there exists a gap—a gap between what the world is like and what we wish and hope for it to be like. Our unique way of bridging that gap in each of our lives seems to me to be the essence of the reason for human creativity.

FRED ROGERS (1928–2003)